The palmetto weevil is prevalent in Texas, Florida, and South Carolina. It’s the biggest weevil in North America. When it comes to treating the palmetto weevil, most of the times, the affected tree has to be cut down. This should be arranged with a professional tree removal service company.

The insect is attracted mostly to damaged or stressed trees. Healthy trees hardly ever experience weevil infestations, treating early for the palmetto weevil is important. The palmetto weevil is lethal to cabbage palms. Currently, there isn’t any treatment. In areas of weevil infestation, reliable insecticide application can stop infestations in healthy trees but, in most cases, this is not a cost-effective choice.


Appearance of the Palmetto WeevilTampa Tree Care Treating the Palmetto Weevil

Palmetto weevils are big, unattractive insects. They are yellow, fat and can weigh up to .25 ounces. The older insects have wings, are red or black, and have a length up to one inch long. Weevils are distinguished by big mandibles which goes from the tops of their heads.

The life of a palmetto weevil begins as eggs in the leaves or damaged areas of a host tree. After 72 hours, the eggs hatch and the grubs begin to feed on the tissue of the palm. The larvae develop by molting, and with each continuous molt, their appetites increase.

In their end-stage, the older larvae travel from way inside the tree to the exterior area, spinning cocoons. Weevils come out of the cocoons after many weeks to mate. The whole cycle takes around 12 weeks. Mature insects are most apparent in early summer and late spring.


Damage and Control

By the time palmetto weevil damage is apparent, it is typically already too late to save the tree. Deterioration is first manifest in the dying and wilting of younger leaves. As the weevils keep working in the tree’s interior, the whole crown could weaken and drop off.

Sadly, the most efficient method in handling palmetto weevils is to kill the infested trees and remove them. For durable palms, it is vital to maintain the trees in excellent condition. Above all, avoid wounds as these entice weevils. Reasonable care must be taken with lawnmowers and other gardening tools to avoid harming trees. Contact the local and experienced Tampa Tree Service to evaluate and assist you with your trees.