If you’re fortunate enough to reside closes to the beach, you’ll want great beach plants to show off in your fantastic location. Picking seaside plants isn’t hard once you understand what to look for when choosing beach plants for your landscape. 


How to Pick Beach Plants 

Numerous seaside landscapes are in a complete sun location. Therefore, coastal plants must be tolerant of sea spray. 

There are many plants for a coastal garden that endure these elements. Plants put into categories based on low, medium, and high sea spray and salt tolerance. You must know how to select a seaside plant and realize which plants for a seaside garden deliver topnotch performance. The top beach plants endure sandy soil, extreme winds, and the hot sun. 


Plants for Coastal Gardens

Tampa Tree Care beach plants southern magnolia

Southern Magnolia

Yaupon holly and wax myrtle plants are usually on the ocean-facing side of coastal gardens. Both endure mild shade to full sun, becoming big enough to create a privacy hedge or barrier. 

More significant trees with a high salt tolerance include the Southern magnolia and eastern red cedar. Plant these trees with highly salt-tolerant grasses, such as Muhly grass or Maiden grass, which thrive in the sandy, well-draining soil located in beach areas.

These are a few of the top coastal plants for the garden with no fence to the ocean. 


Low and Moderate Tolerant Seaside Plants 

Beach gardens with a blockade like a wall or a fence between them and the ocean may use low or moderate salt spray plants. Seaside plants with moderate salt tolerance include: 

  • Turkscap lilies
  • Crinum lilies 
  • Dianthus
  • Purple heart
  • Seashore mallow 
  • Mexican heather


When you’re looking for seaside plants, create a garden plan, and examine your plant’s salt tolerance before buying. Even low salt tolerance flowers or shrubs can be plants for a coastal garden by adhering to these steps:

  • Put in compost to enhance soil and aid with water retention.
  • Use mulch.
  • Put up a fence to provide some protection from the salty spray. 
  • Use overhead sprinklers frequently to get rid of the salt from the plants.

To get help deciding which beach plants will work best for your garden, contact Tampa Tree Service.