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Many customers think that once they have had tree removal services performed that they can walk away from a felled tree. However, tree removal is just the first half of their job, whether they realize it or not.

Once a tree gets cut down, you remain left with a dead, rotting tree stump. Not only do tree stumps take away from your home or business’s curb appeal, but it can lead to other problems later.

Many types of pests prefer to nest within tree stumps. The dry wood is ideal for hatching eggs where the new bugs can feast from the inside.

Unfortunately, once they’ve matured they will head out, and next in their line of sight is your building. Before you realize it, you have become infested with ants, termites, beetles, and other common pests.

When you need your tree stumps removed, you need Tampa Tree. As your local Tampa arborist contractors, we can make quick work of even the thickest stumps.

Call our tree care company whenever you have stumps that can’t remain any longer. We’ll ensure that you receive the care you need for the best quality removal each time!

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Safe, clean, and affordable are the three ideals at the core of every job that we take.

The bottom line is that tree maintenance is dangerous and challenging work that can be more art than skill.


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We woke up to the sound of a tree crashing through our home.  Beyond the aspect of how scary it was, we had no clue what to do, how it would work with our homeowner’s insurance or even how it would get fixed.  We Googled the first emergency tree service company and, thankfully, it was you guys.  You really saved us!

Jason S.

from Tampa, Florida

​The Tampa Stump Removal Experts Near You


Do you have an unsightly stump on your property that you would like to get rid of once and for all? Tampa Tree is a complete stump removal service, here to help the people of Tampa, FL, clear the stumps from their yards as efficiently as possible.

What makes us different is that we strive for quick and safe stump removal. We only use professional grade stump grinders to get the job done, allowing us to handle your stumps with ease each time.

Other companies may just hack away at stumps with chisels, hatchets, and other tools. While these will eventually get the job done, it’ll take all day.

Worst still is tree care services that try and rip stumps out of the ground. They may only use a chain and their truck’s bumper, making a mess out of your yard!

Instead, we grind down any stumps that you have, wearing them away to ground level. Or, if you prefer, we can split your stumps into wood that can get re-purposed as mulch, firewood, and other green recyclable uses.

For the expert choice in tree specialist services, call us, and we will help you. We’ve never met a stump we couldn’t handle, and we are ready to assist you with yours!

​Wood Removal Tampa


With the removal of stumps from your yard, you’re welcome to keep the wood that comes from it; or we can haul it away for you. We offer wood hauling for any of our jobs.

Price is a variable, and specific to each situation. Trucking cost, labor, and quantity all contribute to the total cost.

However, as your local tree care experts, we know that we’ll be the affordable option for all your arborist service needs. Call us for your tree stump removal and save more!

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Why Would You Even Remove A Stump? Can’t I Just Use My Truck and Yank It Out?


We Get Asked All of the Time…Why Remove a Stump?

1. Important for cities and municipalities- stumps near roads and sidewalks are removed to prevent future damage. The root structure of trees can continue to grow even after the trunk and branches have been removed and this can lead to cracked and broken sidewalks and paved surfaces. The driveway of your home is a likely candidate for this problem unless the stump is removed.

2. Many insects and tree diseases love tree stumps. By having a tree stump you are heightening the risk of the infestations or tree diseases spreading throughout your property.

3. If you have children, tree stumps can be a hazard. Tree stumps are quite hard and if a child falls onto it instead of grass they could be severely injured. Furthermore, tree stumps are very prone to growing moss and becoming slippery which creates another potential hazard.

4. If left alone it is quite possible that the tree will grow back. Felled trees often sprout saplings on the stump and though it will take quite a while for the tree to grow back completely, it is still counterproductive.

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