Agave plants have water-filled, dense leaves used for agave syrup and tequila. Being in the know on agave plant care guarantees that your plants don’t suffer from a host of pest infestations and diseases. 


Agave Plant Care


Freezing Temperatures

Inspect the leaves of the agave plant for black spots. Freezing temps makes the agave leaves turn black, ultimately drying up and dropping off.

An agave plant typically recovers from frost when the cold temps only last a couple of hours. Your agave plant should be near your home or on a patio space that gets heat from the house. To plant, pick a well-drained spot and make sure the agave tissue remains over the soil. Succulents situated deep down don’t form roots and ultimately perish.


Sun DamageTampa Tree Care Tips For Agave Plant Care

Check the agave for dropping or yellowing leaves that are the result of too much sun. Replant the agave in a spot that gets sun and shade. It’s best to get a space close to other trees and plants for ample coverage.


Spore Lesions

Inspect your agave plant for lesions or orange or red spores. Lesions develop due to spores and wet weather. The rain and the wind cause spores to spread over the plant. 

Get rid of the spotted leaf and don’t water your agave plant with your irrigation system if you discover lesions and spores. Shield the agave from the rain using a plastic covering until the lesions vanish.


Fungus Infection

Look for dark, soft spots on the top area of your agave plant. Some fungus species make spores that can decay agave leaves when transported by the rain and wind.

Apply fungicides to reduce the spread of the fungus by spraying the entire leaf. Also, spray the fungicide around the bottom of the agave plant. Get rid of any extremely infected plants close by to stop scattering the spores.

The environment plays a massive part in the agave’s health. If your agave plant is expiring, replant it to another spot that safeguards the plant from excessive sunlight, hail, and cold, as well as providing excellent drainage.

If you want more suggestions on how to take care of an agave plant, give Tampa Tree Service a call.