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Tree cabling and tree bracing come into play when a tree has grown in such a way that it now poses a threat, or the tree can no longer support its own weight. Our team of arborists utilizes cabling and bracing to enhance the interior structure of the tree, allowing it a better chance at growing and becoming structurally sound.

Tampa Tree is trained and has many years of experience in the proper bracing and cabling of trees.

With the proper tree professional, we can improve the strength of your trees and provide a solution for growth without harming your trees.

We can stabilize your trees to ensure proper growing habits. And, with younger trees, we allow them the best route for growth as they age.

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Cabling Tampa Trees

Professional tree cabling is often the last resort for plants that would otherwise wind up needing to be cut down. Usually, this occurs after a severe storm or even a lightning strike.

These trees commonly have a split running down the trunk. A landscaping service or related contractor would probably say that it needs to get cut down altogether.

However, when you hire the best in tree care services, our arborist professionals may be able to spare your tree from dying. By employing a set of cables that allows the tree to begin healing from its injury, it just might save the day!

These cables are bolted directly to the tree, forcing the two split ends back together. From there, it’s a “wait and see” type of situation, although cabling frequently has a high degree of success.

If you are not ready to cut down your damaged tree, call our tree care experts instead. We may be able to prevent your trees from dying with the better choice in tree cabling services.

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The bottom line is that tree maintenance is dangerous and challenging work that can be more art than skill.


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Tampa Tree Bracing

Many younger trees wind up growing improperly from either not having bracing services or by having them and not needing them. Some people assume that all saplings require bracing, while others refuse ever to use them.

If you are unsure whether or not your plants require bracing, we can send a tree specialist to inspect your young trees. We can determine if professional tree bracing will help or hurt it, as well as give you the best quality of bracing possible.

Proper tree bracing is the difference between a tree that grows healthy and strong for generations to come, versus needing to shop for a new sapling. When you need to know that your tree is receiving the best care possible, you need your expert Tampa arborist to help you!

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​When you need a better quality of personalized tree care company services, you need Tampa Tree for all your cabling and bracing needs. Let us give your injured and younger trees the level of care that they need to grow their best.

For the expert choice of local tree contractors, you can always rely on us. Call today for the better tree service providers.

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Tampa Tree Service is fully trained and has many years of experience in the proper bracing and cabling of trees.

Why brace / cable a tree?

First, bracing and cabling are two different methods which have the same goal; to strengthen a weakened tree. The main difference is that bracing uses steel rods where cabling instead uses steel cable. Choosing between bracing and cabling depends on the specific situation and the skill level of the professional you have hired.

The reason for the development of this practice is because older trees or weakened trees need our help to continue to survive and look their best. When trees grow, certain branches may grow larger and faster than others. Without bracing or cabling these branches, they will break off in a heavy wind. If a large branch breaks off from the tree it could cause extensive property damage, create an open wound in the tree for insects and disease to enter, and/or cause severe damage to the trees structure, leading to the end of the tree.

There are also species of trees which are very prone to breaking, such as the box elder or silver maple. These trees will almost always require bracing or cabling as high winds will break these massive but frail trees.

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