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Living in Tampa, FL, is excellent for bright sunny beaches and pleasant weather. However, one can never be sure how the winter is going to fair.
You may be in for a long-drawn, chilly, rainy winter, or you may merely experience cooler beach days. There is just no way to know how the cold the season will be!

As a result, many people have a stack of firewood somewhere on their property. While you may wind up needing it a few days this season, chances are you’ll never burn all of it.

Unfortunately, stacks of dry, rotting wood can become dangerous. Many types of pests and animals prefer to live within wooded areas, including roaches and even snakes.

Furthermore, depending on the type of wood stacked, it may quickly catch fire when you weren’t expecting it to happen. Imagine coming home and discovering that your wood pile caught fire while you were at work!

Instead, the safer alternative is to hire Tampa Tree for professional wood hauling services. We can take away any sized load of wood, leaving your property safe from pests and fire hazards.

If you are sick of looking at a stack of unsightly rotted firewood, allow us to take it all away. We offer fast, reliable wood hauling to more people in Tampa!


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We woke up to the sound of a tree crashing through our home.  Beyond the aspect of how scary it was, we had no clue what to do, how it would work with our homeowner’s insurance or even how it would get fixed.  We Googled the first emergency tree service company and, thankfully, it was you guys.  You really saved us!

Jason S.

from Tampa, Florida

​​Wood and Tree Removal


How often do you spend an entire weekend cleaning up your yard? And once you’re all done, you’re left staring at a stack of split wood.

After you’ve already broken a sweat collecting the wood piles, the last thing you want to have to do is figure out a plan to get rid of it. Even if you still had the energy, do you have the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done?

When you choose us for your complete Tampa tree service, we arrive ready to haul away all your wood and green debris. We come armed with the right trailers, safety and protective equipment, and a team of expert tree contractors who can haul your wood away with ease.

Stop fighting with your stacks of wood and let us take care of it the simple way. Call us for the best choice for local wood hauling services.

​​Why Wood Removal?


Many neighborhoods do not allow you to store stacks of wood. And when it’s time to toss it out, local municipalities may strict rules on how you may dispose of it.

Most people wind up paying to get it to a dump, while others receive hefty fines. Wood removal is the safe, affordable, and ethical way of disposing of unwanted wood piles.

When you proper disposal of your wood piles, you can always rely on Tampa Tree to take care of it the correct way. Our tree care company continually handles your jobs with integrity.

If you are finally ready to get rid of your old firewood, then give us a call right away. We’ll send our crew over to collect it and haul it away correctly.

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