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Based in Tampa, Florida, we have been the leading Tampa tree service company in the area with services like tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, and emergency tree care services.

Tampa Tree services both commercial and residential properties, keeping our city beautiful after intense storms and routine maintenance. We strive to offer the highest quality arborist solutions at an affordable price.

No matter why you call, we’re always here to help however we can! We understand that you have many options in tree care services, but you won’t find a better company than ours.

We are a locally owned and operated arborist company, and we are fully insured and ready to handle all your needs.

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Safe, clean, and affordable are the three ideals at the core of every job that we take.

The bottom line is that tree maintenance is dangerous and challenging work that can be more art than skill.

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We woke up to the sound of a tree crashing through our home.  Beyond the aspect of how scary it was, we had no clue what to do, how it would work with our homeowner’s insurance or even how it would get fixed.  We Googled the first emergency tree service company and, thankfully, it was you guys.  You really saved us!

Jason S.

from Tampa, Florida

The Tree Care Experts For Tampa, Florida


We dedicate ourselves to providing customers with the best tree care and tree removal services at competitive prices. Every job receives personal attention to ensure that the job area is left clean, and all work happens with keeping safety in mind. 

Whatever your home or business needs to look its best from the outside, we are here for you. We offer a variety of expert tree care services. 

The end product of Tampa Tree is just better.

Safe, Clean, Affordable.



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Why We Are Different From Other Tree Companies in Tampa Florida



After years of experience, our team has seen it all. We’ve been in the middle of some vicious hurricane and rain storms, seeing firsthand what Mother Nature can do to your home and business.

Unfortunately, after a storm, many poor-quality and new contractors begin offering their services. They just don’t achieve the results that an experienced arborist can, and they may not even be licensed or insured!

Not only can they wind up making a dangerous situation worse, but you may be liable for any injuries that they wind up suffering. Suddenly, a cheap tree removal is anything but inexpensive!

That is why we offer the tree care company that is fast, efficient, and affordable. In no time at all, we will have your tree troubles taken care of the right way.

Well-cared-for trees provide many benefits:

  • Trees act like air filters. They clean the air of odors and pollutants, and filter particulates like smoke and dust out of the air.
  • All trees help you conserve energy. They provide shade and act as windscreens, so you need less energy to both heats and cool your home, which saves money.
  • Trees help you save water. Their shade allows for less water to evaporate from your lawn in the summer, which means you need to water the lawn less often.
  • Trees are beautiful. They create pleasant scenery, and will vastly improve the look of your property – especially if they’re blocking a less than scenic view!
  • Lastly, trees increase property value. Because of all of these benefits, trees make a property more desirable – but only if these trees are well-cared for, which is why it’s so important to hire professional arborists to look after your trees.



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Arborist Tampa


There are many benefits to professionally maintained trees. In addition to merely looking better, having a team of experienced arborists can help your trees grow healthier for longer.

Each day you hear about how severe pollution is getting. But did you know that trees naturally filter pollution out from the air? Because they draw in carbon dioxide, trees can help keep the air around your home or business cleaner, fresher, and add more natural beauty to your property.

Trees that receive proper care services may even help reduce your cooling costs. Their shade can help prevent the sun from beating through your windows, keeping undesirable heat and UV rays from entering.

Because trees offer aesthetic and health benefits, they may even increase your property value. However, they need to look their best before a property appraiser reviews them.

When you need the tree team that cares, you need us to assist you. We take pride in our work, giving you the best in personalized attention every time you call us.

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Tampa Tree Service, Tree Removal and Tree Trimming in Hillsborough County



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Tampa Tree Service is a professional tree service and arborist company, serving Tampa, Hillsborough County and the surrounding area. For years we have been providing Tampa’s home and business owners with a variety of services, including tree pruning and trimming, tree removal, planting, tree cabling, land clearing, stump removal, lightning protection, and tree health and pest management.

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Think Your Palm Trees Are Helpless?

                                                                                            …think again

Palm trees are seemingly everywhere in Tampa, FL. So why is it so hard to find a reliable palm tree service provider.

Most contractors lack the proper tools and equipment. They offer a low price upfront, and quickly try and press you for more money when the job becomes difficult.

Not only will you pay more for a poor-quality trim, but these cheap tree laborers often work without safety equipment, licenses, or insurance. That puts your family and home at risk of being liable should something happen to them.

Instead, we are the experienced team of arborists, ready to tackle even the tallest palm trees around. We use full protective safety gear and professional trimming tools, ensuring that your palm trees receive the best care possible.

“Their team did a great job removing two palm trees next to the house and over the wood fence. There was no damage to fence, building or grounds around the trees and the guys did a great job cleaning up. Tree VIP charged a very reasonable price, was professional, on time and a nice group. Definitely recommend you give them a call.”
-Jason & Marie 
from Tampa, Florida

When you need to save more on professional palm tree trimming, we are the best option for you each time. Call us for the better choice for palm tree trimming services. Call us today at 813-328-1288.

Tree Trimming and Tree Removal in Tampa Bay, Florida


Whether your tree is still standing, or it has already come down, we have the best tree removal services for you. Call Tampa Tree when you need primary or emergency tree removal services.

Why do I need to remove my tree?
When trees grow around power lines, roof lines, and other hazards, removing them becomes more complicated. However, our team of local arborist experts has the experience you can trust with even the most challenging tree needs.

Do you have the right tools?
We own all the tools and equipment that we need for rigging and cutting trees in precarious situations. We even include cleaning the branches and converting the tree into firewood!
Close quarters are among the most challenging types of tree trimming and removal services. Unfortunately, Close Quarter Cutting is also one of the more dangerous aspects of our job.

Do you offer rigging and roping?
When you need advanced roping and rigging for trees growing along multiple obstacles, you need a real professional to assist you. Our team can handle even the most demanding trees, giving you the curb appeal that you deserve each time.

Do I need a permit to remove a tree from my property?
It depends on the laws of the municipality, but generally, yes. Many towns and cities have bylaws requiring permission to remove trees of a certain size, because they enhance property values. However, most municipalities make exceptions for dead, dying, or imminently hazardous trees. If you are unsure about the status of the tree on your property, it is best to check your local laws.


Take Down Only – This is the most inexpensive type of tree removal. Once the proposal has been agreed to we take the tree down safely and as quickly as possible. No clean up is included. Usually, no extra firewood cutting is included unless agreed upon in the proposal.

Basic Removal – This is a step up including clean up of branches and firewood cutting. This type of removal does not have any obstacles such as power lines, structures, & landscaping.

Technical Removal – This is when there are obstacles such as power lines, structures, & landscaping. This will include rope work and some light rigging. This also includes clean up of branches and cutting firewood.

Close Quarters Removal – This is our most difficult work. As with other levels it includes clean up of branches and firewood cutting. Frequently it involves rope work and rigging to avoid multiple obstacles. These types of jobs are very demanding and the climber will earn his pay.

Complete Clean Up – With the exception of “Take Down Only”. We include raking of the work areas, sweeping sidewalks and driveways. This makes sure the job site is clean and leaves the customer with as little work as possible. I have received many compliments on our clean up. I believe it to be some of the finest, most thorough in the industry.

Wood Splitting – I offer wood splitting as part of the proposal or as a service by it’s self. I have a hydraulic power splitter capable of splitting large and difficult rounds. Often I have found customers who want firewood but are not able to split it. They are amazed when there is finished product on the ground. Very happy to have me do the hard work.

I wished I found Tampa Tree years ago! They are the best tree service in the entire state of Florida and I will never trust my trees to anyone else, ever again!
from Drew Park, Florida

The Best Tree Services in Tampa, FL.


Lightning Protection – Trees are easy targets for lightning strikes, and Florida is among the highest hits each year. As a result, it’s only a matter of time before you wind up with a crisis on your hands.
We can provide you with lightning protection, directing the electricity away. That is the ideal way to protecting your home from electrical and fire damage.

Stump Removal – Once a tree has been removed, either by us or by storm damage, you’ll need the stump removed as well. If left standing, an abandoned tree stump can wind up coming back to haunt you later.
Many types of bugs nest inside tree stumps. They eat it from the inside, breeding more pests in the process.
Before you know it, your unsightly stumps are becoming a termite farm, and they’ll have your home in their sights next. Don’t wait until you wind up with an infestation on your hands!
We use a professional grade stump grinder, wearing it down to ground level fast. It will be as if a tree was never there at all!
For the best in fast and affordable tree stump removal and grinding, call us for your yard. You will be amazed at the results!

Cabling and Bracing – Just because a tree is leaning doesn’t mean that it’s a goner. In fact, with the right cabling and bracing, most trees can be saved before they uproot themselves.
Trees quickly become top heavy, and the slightest bit of pressure can cause them to fall over on themselves. But by responding with proper braces and cables, we can do our best to retrain it.
We can add support cables that screw directly into the tree, ensuring that it stays put where it is. By tightly winding it with steel cables, it will remain rooted to the spot and begin growing straight again.
A damaged tree isn’t always one that needs to get cut. Let us help you save your trees today!

Emergency Tree Services

Tampa tree old house


Sometimes, tree removal just can’t wait. That is especially true following a lightning strike or severe storm that has left trees uprooted.

These trees are unpredictable, and they can leave your home and family in harm’s way. Before you know it, you could have a tree that has fallen through your walls, roofs, or other areas, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

When you have trees that need removal now, you need us to help you. Whenever you need to protect your home from precarious trees, we can remove them quickly and safely each time.


Choose us for the best in local emergency tree removal. You’ll be glad that you called in the experts!

Have an Emergency? We Can Help!

We offer a variety of tree services in Tampa for all of your tree needs!


Clean up services are an essential addition to any professional tree care team. Whether you already took your trees down, or a storm did, we can have your yard, and green spaces cleaned up quickly.

Complete cleanups are the best way to spruce up after a storm or tree removal. That includes:


  • Leaf Raking

  • Leaf Bagging

  • Sidewalk Sweeping

  • Driveway Sweeping

  • Branch Collecting

  • Wood Bundling

  • And other cleaning services to leave your yard looking like new again.

We have tree trimming and pruning for your convenience and safety!


Tree trimming and pruning are among the most frequently needed tree care services that homeowners look to hire. However, most wind up struggling with it on their own because of tree trimming cost being too high.

Our team offers affordable trimming and pruning services, helping your home or office look its best for less. We carefully remove critical branches, twigs, and dead leaves, allowing your trees to grow in healthier and look professionally cared for regularly.

Trimming and pruning can be especially dangerous for taller trees, as well as those growing around hazards and obstacles. These thicker branches can be unpredictable, and the added heft makes them hazardous to be around when they fall.

Our team has the experience to carefully trim even the thickest branches, keeping your property safe from damaged limbs. Choose us before they wind up falling off on their own!

When you need the best in trimming and pruning services, you need our company to help you. We are available for routinely scheduled trimming and one-time jobs, assisting more area residents than anyone else.

 Land Clearing is another service we happily provide!


Have you recently purchased a vacant lot? Are you planning on expanding your building?

Chances are, you’ll need land clearing services before breaking ground. Our team offers a full fleet of heavy equipment to clear away overgrown lots with ease.

Don’t hire an expensive construction crew or landscaper to clear your land. In addition to being the best name in local arborist services, we clear land quickly and efficiently.

When you expect to save more money on lot clearing services, you can always depend on us. Call us today for your land clearing needs!

Tree Service Near Me


Tampa Tree has been servicing the greater Hillsborough County area with better quality tree care, and we are ready to help you. For the best choice in experienced arborists, call us for your home or business.

We offer safer, affordable tree care than anyone else in Tampa. Call us today at 813-328-1288 to service your property!

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