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Living in the Sunshine State means your plants grow constantly all year round. Eventually, you’re going to need a reliable Tampa tree service for regular maintenance.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always clear who you should hire. All too often, people end up with a landscaping team ill-equipped or educated to handle your trees.

The team behind Tampa Tree has the best contractors for your needs. No matter how many plants or trees you have or their condition, we can assist you the best with:

  • Residential Tree Care
  • Commercial Tree Services
  • Certified Arborists
  • Professional Equipment
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Convenient Service Contractors

Locally Owned Company

See why residents throughout Tampa, FL, prefer our technicians. No one knows what your trees need better than our experienced arborists.

Best Tampa Tree Service Near Me

Another reason why more homeowners choose us is our level of convenience. No matter where you have trees in Hillsborough County, we’re here for you.

You can find our talented arborists tending to outdoor spaces throughout the area. From sandy soil palms to aging magnolias, we can help them all.

Our team provides superior tree care services throughout the community. Schedule us for your residential lawn or commercial properties today in:

Citrus Park
East Lake

Temple Terrace
Lake Magdalene
Safety Harbor
Pinellas Park
Saint Petersburg

Wherever you live, work, or play, you can call on us for your trees. See why so many people turn to our contractors when they need care and maintenance.

The Best Tampa Tree Services

Although they seem easy to care for, some trees need lots of help. Even those that are more hands-off can soon encounter trouble.

The best way to keep your property in better condition is by hiring our staff. We guarantee lovelier lawns at lower pricing with healthier, happier trees.

Our contractors are trained arborists, so they know what to do every time. Give your plants the best service team around.

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Our Tree Arborist Near Me Services 

  • Tree Removal
  • Emergency Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Cabling & Bracing
  • Lightning Protection
  • Close Quarters Removal
  • Wood Splitting
  • Wood Hauling
  • Arborist Consultations
  • Tree Cutting
  • Trimming
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Tree Care Services in Tampa, FL

While the area is well known for beaches and sunsets, there is so much more the area has to offer. When you live here or operate a business, you need reliable contractors.

We know that you can’t always find the time to tend to your yard. It’s also highly possible that you don’t have the right tools for the job.

Rather than hoping for the best, you can rely on us. We offer the best in new installations, tree removal, and scheduled maintenance every time.

Whatever your plants need, they are in good hands with Tampa Tree Service. See what certified arborists can do for you now.

Why Tampa Tree Services?

Sure, you do a little yard week on Saturdays, or when you remember. However, your trees need more than watching you mow the grass.

As living things, they need the right mix of light, shade, nutrition, and moisture. Unfortunately, most plants, especially palm trees, seem to be ignored until something happens.

By then, it’s already become a serious issue and one that could kill the tree. Instead, have our certified arborists tend to your trees to keep them healthier for the long haul.

Even your tallest and oldest trees can use our help. Choose us to service all of your favorite plants at affordable pricing.

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Tampa Tree Removals

Although it’s sad to watch, some trees do need to be cut down eventually. Storm damage, old age, pests, and other hazards can quickly harm a tree’s health.

Even trees that looked like they were in perfect condition yesterday, can fall apart today. Tropical storms, lightning, heavy wind, and hail all leave your plants a mess.

When you have a neighbor’s house mere yards away, it also makes removing it a challenge. Before you destroy your property or your neighbors, give our team a call for:

Emergency Tree Removal
24-Hour Arborists
Close-Quarters Service
Residential Neighborhoods
Retail Stores
Storm Debris
Firewood Splitting
Wood Removal
Safety Inspections

We only use professional tools and safety gear for your best results possible. For the safe, effective, and affordable way to remove your trees, contact our arborists.

tampa tree service near me

What Trees Do I Have?

Some homeowners aren’t sure what plants they have growing in their yards. They figured out it’s a tree, but they don’t know what kind.

That also means that they don’t know what products to use to keep it healthy. Homeowners may even use the wrong items, leading to an early demise.

Instead, you can rely on us to care for any trees you have. Contact us for affordable services and knowledgeable contractors for your:

Palm Trees
Orchid Trees
Golden Raintrees

Crape Myrtles
Southern Magnolias
Golden Trumpet Trees

Bottlebrush Trees
Carolina Laurel Cherry
And any other plants

We know developers install a variety of different plants when they build homes and businesses. No matter what type you have growing at your location, our team can help keep them in better shape.

Why You Need Our Tampa, FL, Arborists

Many people assume that a landscaping company will also take care of their trees. While they may offer trimming and pruning, they don’t have the background that we have.

As certified arborists, we can see past its bark and know what is happening. When your trees catch diseases, pests, and other issues, we can help keep your trees alive.

While we can certainly cut down plants, we prefer to see them growing at their best. When your trees need more than a snip, you need our contractors.

See why Tampa residents prefer our team of arborists for their yard. Contact us and maintain your outdoor areas better than ever before.

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