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Many people hire a landscaping company to plant their trees. However, this may not be the right company for this type of job.

Most landscapers are effective at mowing grass and trimming bushes. When it comes to understanding soil levels, root systems, and sun exposure, they may only be hoping for the best when they plant your trees.

Rather than relying on a company who doesn’t understand how delicate trees are, you should be hiring the best in local arborist services. Our team has full certification in tree care services, and we have the right solution for you for any situation.

When you need to know that your trees are receiving the best care possible, from young saplings to ancient oaks, we are the best name in tree contractors around. Call our company today for the best in local tree specialist contractors.

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Tree planting is a simple enough chore, right? Just dig a hole, toss in a seed, and nature does the rest!

If only it were that easy; there would be trees virtually everywhere!

Successfully planting a tree is more complicated than one may think.

There are many variables to consider when you are thinking of planting a tree in your yard. Everything has a hand in effecting its growth, from the soil’s acidity to the temperature of the air.

As a result, many who have never planted a tree before excitedly attempting it, only to become disappointed when it doesn’t take. And considering how expensive saplings can be, this is a colossal waste of time and money!

Instead of buying pricey saplings and watching them wither away, you could call Tampa Tree for the best tree planting services. When you need to know that your trees will grow, you need us to start them off correctly.

Choose us for the best in local tree planting. We guarantee the results that you want each time! 

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Safe, clean, and affordable are the three ideals at the core of every job that we take.

The bottom line is that tree maintenance is dangerous and challenging work that can be more art than skill.


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We woke up to the sound of a tree crashing through our home.  Beyond the aspect of how scary it was, we had no clue what to do, how it would work with our homeowner’s insurance or even how it would get fixed.  We Googled the first emergency tree service company and, thankfully, it was you guys.  You really saved us!

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Planting Tampa Trees

The average person doesn’t understand how involved tree planting can be. Depending on the type of tree requested, many variables can make or break a new tree.
We begin by first discussing what you hope to achieve with your planted tree. Many people are looking to increase their privacy, the amount of shade their building receives, or even attempt to improve their property value.

Certain varieties of trees are better suited for different situations and needs. Unfortunately, many people just purchase a tree because they think it looks nice.

As a result, the roots may not take because it’s the wrong type of soil. Palm trees can be particularly fussy, and they are also an expensive tree to plant.

Instead, our tree care company has the experience that you can depend on to plant any tree you need right on the first try. We have all the necessary equipment to analyze soil levels, as well as offer expert advice on which trees are best for you.

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