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People have been splitting wood for generations. And yet, in all that time, it still hasn’t gotten any easier!

Even in a city as warm and sunny as Tampa, FL, there are still plenty of reasons to need a stack of split wood. Whether you own a fire pit, a BBQ grill or smoker, or you merely want to be prepared for winter, wood splitting is still something we all rely on regularly.

The splitting of wood is still a backbreaking chore. The repetitive swinging of the ax and the impact against the stump is enough to throw out anyone’s spine.

Before you spend the weekend with back pain, there’s a simpler solution. In addition to being the top name in arborist services, Tampa Tree offers fast and affordable wood splitting services.


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​Wood Splitting Tampa FL


Most people who move to Florida do so from colder regions of the country. And sometimes, habits are hard to break.

Even when a winter is mild, some people just enjoy the roar of a fire in the colder seasons. However, no one enjoys splitting hard logs all day.

Rather than giving yourself aches and blisters, let our team of tree care specialists give you a hand. In addition to using chainsaws and hand axes, we also use professional arborist equipment that cuts through logs with ease.

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The bottom line is that tree maintenance is dangerous and challenging work that can be more art than skill.


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​Tampa Wood Disposal


After a hurricane, a tropical storm, or even just powerful wind bursts, trees may need to be cut down. But rather than just throw damaged trees away, why not recycle them into something of us?

Most trees requiring being cut into sections anyways. These longer logs are ideal for converting into wood for fires, for cooking, or even for crafting projects.

It can be surprisingly challenging to dispose of trees and wood. Many neighborhoods require it to go as quickly as possible, while the city may fine you for improper storage and disposal.

Rather than risk fines, violations, and other headaches, wood splitting is a frequent need for many. Whether your commercial property or residential home needs wood splitting, we can make quick work of more trees than anyone else around.

​​Affordable Wood Splitting Tampa

Whenever you need to buy a package of firewood from the store, it seems overly expensive for just one log wrapped in plastic. Buying a handful of starter logs can quickly add up!

Many people in the area advertise wood that can provide heat. However, these sellers may not even have the best type of wood that you need for your fireplace.

Rather than spend a fortune on firewood, we can convert downed trees and tree stumps into your cord. We safely split any remaining wood, giving you a better option.

Whenever you have old wood lying around, give us a call, and we’ll put it to better use. Stop overpaying for wood when we can split it for less!

If you have stacks of wood taking up space around your office, home, or other building, call Tampa Tree today.

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