For some shade trees, the rainy season delivers too much wetness. For others, the absence of a real winter proves difficult. Luckily, the following Florida shade trees thrive excellently. Each one brings some uniqueness to your outdoor space.


A Few of the Best Florida Shade Trees:

Bald Cypress 

The bald cypress is a distinct coniferous tree that, unlike most conifers, drops its leaves in the fall. It flourishes to around 50 feet tall. Its canopy grows to approximately 25 feet in diameter, making it an excellent choice for average-size landscapes. As a Bald Cypress gets older, it typically changes to an ovular shape.

Bald cypress trees possess bright-green, short needles. Their limbs droop delicately from the trunk. In the fall, the needles convert to a rust color before fall. The tree looks naked for a couple of months. 


Southern Live Oak

Tampa Tree Care Best Florida Shade Trees southern oak

Southern Live Oak

If you want a tree that remains green all year long, go with a Southern live oak. This oak is very different from the broad-leaf oak type you see up North. It has little ovular leaves and dusky furrowed bark. Live oaks do drop their leaves, but they do so at the beginning of the springtime. Since the new leaves begin forming as the old ones drop, the tree never appears stripped.

Live oaks can flourish up to around 65 feet tall with a full, expansive canopy. At times, their branches sometimes materialize at odd angles. So, tree trimming when the tree is young is crucial if you desire a uniform shape.


Florida Maple

Florida is too hot for most maple trees, but not for the Florida maple. This tree is famous for its amazing fall color. Its leaves turn a gorgeous bronze and red color before falling. Its new spring growth has a reddish hue as well. Florida maples are excellent shade trees for average-sized landscapes since they develop to around 40 feet, and they do so swiftly. Florida maple trees grow in either partial shade or total sunshine. 

Maybe one of these shade trees sounds like the ideal option for your outdoor space. Just visualize the beauty and shade that you’ll enjoy when you plant a shade tree. Call Tampa Tree Service if you need tree pruning or any other type of tree care.