We don’t all have outdoor space for a weeping beech or mighty oak. But there are small trees best in your small yard. Regardless if you want some shade or a bit of color to enrich your property, most of these trees all grow below 25 ft., requiring little work to look fabulous in your yard.


Paper Birch

Birch trees typically grow in multi-trunk clumps. Lots of them have beautiful bark, like the river birch (an amazing golden fall color) and white paper bark birch. Even though they grow fast and can reach over 55 ft in height, they have a slim spread at their base, and the canopy lets sunlight come through.


Red Buckeye

The Red Buckeye puts on an incredible spring show, with brilliant red flowers that last for days. Butterflies and hummingbirds well like the flower. This is a slow growing tree that grows to a height of up to 20 ft tall.


Tampa Tree Service Crabapple Trees

Beautiful Crabapple Tree


Even the tiniest of yards has room for a crabapple tree. They offer days of white spring flowers that entice native pollinators, like honeybees.


Crepe Myrtle

Crepe myrtles need a warm, long growing season and they give you beautiful flowers during the summer and fall. Eliminating the lower branches uncovers the fascinating bark. Crepe myrtles thrive on new wood and should be trimmed in late winter.



Dogwood trees are quick growers that can manage a partially shaded site. This is one of the 1st trees to thrive in the spring and will look great when they are encased with fallen petals. There are many dogwood varieties, and you should look for one that is right for your Tampa area.


Golden Chain Tree

Golden Chain trees have distinct green bark. The clover-like leaves let some sun to come through, but it is their long racemes of dazzling yellow flowers that make this tree a knockout. These trees grow in late spring and grow up to 25 ft.

If you have any questions about which small trees will work best for your yard, make an appointment with a Tampa tree care company.