The Florida climate encourages all year blossoms, including some flowers that bloom in winter. Some prep work is necessary for tree care professionals or novices in the Sunshine State to take pleasure in vibrant winter plants. For gardening success, plant flowers perfect for the zone you are in.

Additionally, put your garden in a spot with the proper conditions for plants to flourish. This is in the total sun. Find out about some of the top ornamental winter blooms as well as preparation tips and other suggestions to sustain vibrant blooming plants in Florida winters.


Flowering Winter Plants


Leatherleaf Mahonia. Leatherleaf mahonia is an eye-catching, distinct winter flowering plant originally from China. Little bright bells grow over dark green foliage. The plant makes little purple, egg-shaped fruit, which birds love. The bush is stiff, prickly and shouldn’t be where people will brush up against it.


Winter Jasmine. You can eliminate any winter gloom if you have winter jasmine flowering plants in your landscape. These hardy vining shrubs have vibrant yellow blooms in winter. Unlike the unique scent of jasmine, winter jasmine doesn’t have a scent.


Tampa Tree Care Florida Flowers That Bloom In Winter

Snapdragons at night in a garden

Snapdragon. Vivid snapdragon plants have green-blue foliage and come in five various colors including yellow, orange, pink, white, and red. These annuals flourish in Florida gardens all during the winter. They are great cut flowers since they last an incredibly long time.


Fashion Azalea. A fashion azalea is an evergreen shrub that goes up to 5 feet wide and tall. The shrubs are full of crimson and salmon-colored blooms during the wintertime. These are really simple to grow. Your fashion azalea must be planted in good-draining, organically rich soil. The root system must be shielded from the cold with mulch covering the root zone.


Wild Petunia. Wild petunias are normally tender perennials or annuals. They bloom in different shades of purple all during the wintertime, particularly if kept fertilized, watered and deadheaded.


Firespike. The red blooms on the firespike are vibrant all year long. However, they can be hindered in the last part of winter, if there is an extreme freeze. Conceal your firespike plants if you anticipate a hard freeze, . The plants do best in total sun, though they can endure a little amount of shade.


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