Tree roots are always looking for a water source. By doing so, they can expand very shallow or very deep, to a considerable extent from the trunk. When roots extend at shallow depths, they’ll find their way under sidewalks, driveways, and asphalt. This is when your trees damage your concrete.

As the roots naturally thicken and expand, they will dislocate everything around them by making incredible energy. This energy typically goes upward, causing the cracking, buckling, warping, or breaking of whatever is above.


Amount of a Tree’s Roots That Could Be Removed

Tampa Tree Care Service When Trees Damage Concrete

This tree has cracked the asphalt

The answer to this isn’t so straightforward. Here are some things to consider:

  • Tree Roots (Three Inches or More):  When chopping roots this size, they usually don’t grow back. Though, a cut this big leaves the root open to disease and insect.
  • Tree Roots (Under Two Inches):  Tree roots this size are capable of regenerating. Cutting them is just a temporary fix.
  • Tree Roots (Beneath the Driveway):  Roots offer fundamental integrity to a tree. If they have grown beneath the driveway, the driveway is now a part of its integrity. Contingent on the depth and size of the roots, eliminating them could cause the tree to fall in adverse weather.

Only an arborist will be able to ascertain whether the tree roots can be pruned in such a way as to not harm the tree.


How to Repair Your Concrete Areas and Save Your Tree Roots

If your tree is a keeper in your outdoor space and the roots in question are crucial to its survival, some methods or choices will let your concrete areas and roots live together in perfect harmony. Below is one option you might want to consider:

Aggregate Surfacing: This method necessitates the cutting and meticulous removal of the destroyed concrete. Once the concrete is gone, the surface underneath is covered with driveway fabric like roadstone or geotextile fabric. The job is finished by using edging along the sides to stop the mass from spreading.

Before any work is done to remove a tree or any roots, it’s suggested you get the advice of a Tampa tree specialist. They will help spot trouble relating to tree issues and how to effectively solve them while maintaining the health of your tree.