The green space on your property, such as trees and hedges, make a living space that’s much more beautiful. Research has shown that houses with lots of green space deliver a mental boost to those who live in residence. It is crucial that you understand what you need to know when pruning your hedges to make sure that your green space remains neat and gorgeous. 

Deciduous vs. Evergreen HedgesTampa Tree Care Service How To Pruning Hedges

Before you trim your hedges, make sure you know the type of foliage that you’re dealing with. Deciduous hedges, which typically shed during the winter, need different pruning techniques than evergreen hedges which always keep their foliage.

Pruning is contingent on the type of tree trimming that you want to do. Constructive pruning, which crafts the particular shape that you want your hedge to form, differs from maintenance pruning, which eliminates struggling limbs and excessive growth.

When it comes to maintenance, deciduous and evergreen hedges must be pruned each summer, if possible, as the summer goes into fall though formative pruning for evergreen hedges must be done in the springtime after planting and the two springs that come later. Creative pruning for deciduous hedges must adhere to the same guide but happen instead during the winter.

Hedging Difficulties

Usually, the pruning that you do can abide by general rules based on the hedge type. Nevertheless, some hedges flourish well with regular pruning like box evergreen which responded well to being trimmed three times in the growing season. Besides, some hedges with flowers must be pruned right after flowering.

A vital fact: you must never prune your hedges in the nesting season which can scare birds away and damage nests. Some areas consider pruning during nesting as breaking the law.

Keep Your Hedges Beautiful

If you have any questions about your hedges, a Tampa arborist will help get the most out of your plants, upkeep them efficiently and safely. Using highly-skilled tree trimming service, this individual is experienced to perform any hedge pruning, guaranteeing no damage is done to your other plants and property.