What is Spanish moss? Well, if you have ever been in the deep south, you probably know about the hairlike, gray strands hanging from numerous trees. This is Spanish moss and it thrives on other trees to flourish.

Even though it needs a host, Spanish moss is not an epiphyte. The plant doesn’t send roots into the host tree and it doesn’t pull nutrients from the tree.


Spanish Moss Growing Conditions

What moss needs in order to flourish as an aerial plant is a shrub or tree to grow from. Spanish moss necessitates the warm humidity of a subtropical or tropical climate to flourish. Due to its climate preferences, this plant thrives best in zones 7 through 11. It needs bright but not absolute sunlight. Contact a Tampa Tree Arborist for more information.Tampa Tree Care Growing Spanish Moss

The best way to assist Spanish moss is to be sure that it gets evening and morning sun. The plant also requires decent air circulation. It gets all its nutrients from the air. When cultivating moss, be sure to keep it from hot walls or windows, as the plant might absorb the warmth, dry out or burn.

When cultivating moss indoors, be sure that it has something to grow on like rocks, driftwood, or other decorative items. Be sure to put this plant close to a window. But don’t put it where it is exposed to open sunlight in the summertime. Like outdoor moss, growing the plant near a hot wall or window will have bad effects on the growth of the plant.


How to Begin Spanish Moss

The simplest way to plant Spanish moss in your yard is to grow it through division, parting the various plantlets and side shoots. If you live in the native areas with moss, it’s easy to locate a plant in the wild to take a cutting from. If not, you can buy live moss online or from tree care stores.

Getting this to grow from seeds is a long-winded journey necessitating lots of patience. It requires months for moss to grow one inch. You can cultivate seeds in a container with excellent drainage and place them in a windowsill with lots of sunshine. Humidity will aid the seeds in germinating. Though, once they are germinated, too much humidity might cause the sprouts to decay.