Citrus trees require nutrients to grow. Since they need a lot of food to grow, fertilizing citrus trees is occasionally needed to have a fruit-bearing and healthy tree. Learning about citrus fertilizer and how to use it correctly can make the difference between a bummer crop of fruit or a bumper crop of fruit.


Applying Citrus Fertilizer

You should apply citrus fertilizer around once every 30 to 60 days during active growth (summer and spring) and once every 60 to 90 days during the tree’s dormant periods (winter and fall). As the tree ages, you can skip fertilizing in the dormant season and boost the amount of time between active growth, fertilizing to once every 60 to 90 days. 

Tampa Tree Care What is Citrus Fertilizer

Fertilizing in a citrus grove

To come up with the best citrus fertilizing timetable for your tree, base the time-frame on your tree’s growth and physical appearance. A tree that looks dark green, lush and holding onto fruit doesn’t need to be fertilized as frequently. Over fertilizing when the tree is healthy might cause it to yield inferior fruit.

Citrus trees are nutrient-hungry from when they flourish until fruit is on the limbs. Therefore, be sure you use fertilizer when the tree is developing so that it has plenty of nutrients to produce fruit accurately.


How to Fertilize a Citrus Fruit Tree

Fertilizing a citrus tree is either done through the ground or the leaves. Following the directions on your selected fertilizer, whether it is in spray or application form. Remember not to put fertilizer close to the base of the tree. Get in touch with a Tampa tree service company to get the job done professionally.


Citrus Fertilizer Type

All citrus trees will profit from a balanced NPK or nitrogen-rich fertilizer that also has some micro-nutrients in it like:

  • zinc
  • manganese
  • iron
  • copper
  • magnesium
  • boron

Also, citrus trees like to have a little acidic soil. Therefore, an acidic fertilizer can be helpful when fertilizing your citrus tree, though not necessary. The top fertilizer to use is the one created especially for citrus trees.