Accent trees are different than your standard trees. They are grown for the intent of making an outdoor space look fabulous. In Florida, there are numerous types of trees for your landscape. Several are small trees, though sometimes even medium to large trees can look chic in your outdoor space.

Accents are usually used due to their distinct characteristics. These features can come in the form of leaf color, shape, florals, growth direction, or texture. Below are some of the various kinds of accent trees you might find in a Tampa neighborhood:


Columnar Trees

These beautiful trees look just like they sound: leafy and long columns. Usually, columnar trees are skinny, tall, and grow along the side of a building or home. Two of the most well-liked columnar trees used in Tampa are the False Ashoka Tree and the Italian Cypress.


Pyramid Shaped Accent Trees

Pyramid-shaped trees are the most widely seen trees in communities all over the nation. Since pyramid-shaped trees take up little space and grow gradually, a popular way to use them is to put them at the corner of a house, a stand-alone feature in your landscape, or as a garden bed anchor.

Tampa Tree Care Types of Accent Trees to Improve Your Yard Screw Pine

Screw Pine Tree

These trees are common and versatile. The most popular ones in Florida are the Southern Red Cedar, the Arizona Cypress, and the Japanese Blueberry.


Unusual Accent Trees

For those trees that don’t fall into any category, trees such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig and the Kopsia Holly are big particular accent trees that are excellent for their unique leaf shapes and shade. Little rare trees like the Dwarf Black Olive, the Screw Pine, and the Australian Tree Fern are all visually appealing for their unique shapes and colors.


Plant Some Accent Trees

Desiring to renovate your yard and add some curb appeal? Plant some accent trees! Regardless if it’s an unusual tree or a pyramid-shaped one, having them in your landscape will make your home more attractive. If you have concerns about caring for your trees, get in touch with Tampa Tree Service.