A South Florida native, the gumbo limbo tree is beautiful and huge with showy red bark and captivating limbs hanging low to the ground. It develops distinct red bark that unpeels like sunburned skin. These trees take up a huge amount of space with low, thick limbs that remain close to the ground. Therefore, the tree works excellently in a huge landscape.   

The wood is soft and light and is typically used to construct carousel horses. Additionally, gumbo limbo is one of the most wind-tolerant trees, withstanding hurricane winds. If you own a coastal property, this tree is for you. Also, the trees are well-liked by wildlife. The berries it makes in summer are a fav with the birds.



The gumbo limbo is a rapid grower you can plant in the shade or the full sun and thrives best in Zone 10. Many gumbo limbo trees in outdoor spaces are about 30 feet tall. However, the tree can grow over 40 feet.

Tampa Tree Care The Gumbo Limbo Tree

The Gumbo Limbo Tree

This tree typically loses its leaves in the wintertime. On the other hand, it might keep some foliage during a warm-temp winter. The tree is salt tolerant and drought tolerant.


Plant Care

No soil changes to the soil is necessary. However, adding organic peat moss or topsoil to the hole when you plant the tree doesn’t hurt. Trimming a gumbo limbo tree is only warranted to get rid of really low branches that go into the driveway or cover walkways. Arrange tree trimming service with Tampa Tree Care is your best bet.

These trees thrive with regular irrigation once established. They need to be watered during dry spell, allowing an ample amount of time to dry out between watering. Remember to fertilize in the fall, spring, and summer with a top-grade granular fertilizer.


Plant Spacing

Plant at least 20 feet from your home if you can. If you put the tree any closer, you will most likely be contacting a tree pruning business in the near future. Don’t put the tree close to your walkway or driveway. This way, you do not want tree removal to be an issue as the tree gets older.