Butterflies, birds, bees and other pollinators are accountable for pollinating over 80% of the plant’s flowers and over 1/3 of our vegetables and fruits. Without bees, any place you buy food would be quite empty.

Creating a pollinator garden is simple. Though, trees in your yard are just as vital as vibrant flowers. Plant a few of these trees for the bees!


The Best Trees for Attracting Bees:


Native Oaks

Give bees a winter home by planting native oaks. Native oaks are one of the top ways to aid pollinators. Pick native oaks to support pollinators during the year, but particularly during winter when these sturdy trees make an excellent shelter. Over 450 pollinator species consider oaks their home, coming back every year.

MagnoliasTampa Tree Care Service Best Trees For Bees

The sweet nectar and nourishing pollen of magnolia trees aid pollinators all year long. Though, pollinators aren’t the only ones that love magnolias. Famous for their lively blooms, leafhoppers, fruit flies, and more are renowned for visiting these trees, too.


Do you know about Tupelo honey? There’s no question that bees adore Tupelos for shelter and food. Moreover, tupelo trees bring colorful pops of greenery to the fall landscape with their orange, yellow, and red leaves.

Yellow Poplar

Not really a poplar, this tree is a member of the magnolia family. It gets its name from the big, tulip-like flowers it produces. Its yellow-green blooms and sweet nectar draw pollinators to the yellow poplar.

Black Cherry

Plant this sweet, fruit tree to welcome pollinators to your landscape. Not only are black cherry trees truly irresistible to bees, but these trees also look remarkable.

Pollinator Gardens

Adding pollinator gardens has become a significant gardening trend as folks are becoming increasingly aware of the declining bee population. That’s why more folks are planting pollinator gardens. Want to know what exactly is a pollinator garden? It’s a garden filled with plant types that spread pollen to help revive the pollinator population.

Trees are crucial pollen sources for bees as well as flowers. Once you have selected the best tree, have pollinators returning every year by sustaining a healthy tree. Get it inspected periodically by a Tampa arborist.