Florida shade trees offer some reprieve from the sun. They cool down your yard, making landscapes more pleasurable even during the hottest times of the day. Also, shade trees are beautiful additions. They deliver texture, character, and color to your outdoor space all year long.

In South Florida, there are a host of shade trees that flourish in acidic soils. There are a vast number of flowering trees with vibrant, showy colors. There are lots of non-flowering shade trees that deliver other great qualities like eye-catching foliage, textured bark, and attractive branches.

Keep reading to find out the top shade trees Florida. Let’s look past the usual palm tree and think about some of these types, many of which are natives. Contact Tampa Tree Service to learn about more information regarding shade trees in Florida.

Tampa Tree Care Florida Shade Trees Black Olive

Black Olive Tree

Black Olive

The black olive tree is native Florida, producing a black-seeded, small capsule that isn’t edible. It grows up to 50 feet tall, remains green all year long, and has a smooth trunk that develops into a full crown as it gets older. It has leathery leaves.


Live Oak Tree

Live oak trees are sturdy. They remain strong even during hurricane strong winds. That makes this tree a true inhabitant of Florida. It acts as a windbreak, making it an excellent choice for creating shade in a yard. It can also serve as a structure that protects buildings.

The live oak is a common Southern shade tree, known for its canopy shape and striking arching branches that flourishes horizontally from the trunk. These limbs possess a far reach, uplifting them to make an amazing sight. Squirrels and birds love to nest in a live oak tree. There is lots of cover and food.

Live oak trees enjoy the acidic soil in Florida. Its roots will go way down into the rock without any issues. So not only is a live oak tree an excellent focal point, but also a real specimen that brings worth to your Florida property. It’s a great shade tree that grows with little care.