Florida flowering vines are an incredible mixture of winter blooms and summer flowers.

Vines are frequently used to pretty up or cover up a boring fence, quickly cover a fence for privacy, or just add some style. Several entice butterflies. A few such as jasmine vines and honeysuckle vines possess an incredible fragrance.


Vine Types

Essentially, most vines go into one of two groups: leaners and twiners.

Twiners encase their new growth around whatever they come into contact with. You should help them become attached while they’re young. Leaners are long-stem shrubby plants that need your help to flourish where you want them.

Tampa Tree Care South Florida Flowering Vines Orange Bignonia

Orange Bignonia Flowers

With green tie tape (available from nurseries and tree care stores), tie each stem for support to school it where you want it to go. Leaners, bougainvillea and allamanda, can be grown as big shrubs if you like.

Also, there are clingers such as the Monstera Vine that meander up a wall or link themselves to tree trunks.


Room to Grow

Although everything else in your landscape grows larger, vines can be all over the place including over bushes, up trees, across roofs, and right smack into your neighbor’s yard.

Some vine types are more controllable than others. Contact a certified arborist with Tampa Tree who can tell you what to expect from each one. Put lots of space between a vine and the closest tree or when you plant.

Trim frequently to keep a vine in bounds. However, don’t overdo it since you’ll be trimming off new growth that make flowers. Arrange a professional pruning once a year.

Flowering vines will flourish toward the sun. therefore, keep that in mind when putting one in your outdoor space. Stop grass from going up to the base of a vine. Trimmers and mowers can harm the plant’s trunk.


Landscape Uses for South Florida Vines

  • Fence covering
  • Decorating a free-standing trellis or arbor
  • Wrapping a mailbox or lamp post
  • Put over a pergola, on the side of the carpet, or on the entrance to a porch or patio