A palm is an exotic, gorgeous addition to any outdoor space. This article will advise you on what to consider when selecting the right palm tree for your landscaping.

Climate is Important for Palm Trees

Palm trees are located in warm locales like coastal and tropical areas. Frost can damage palms, leaving them more vulnerable to insects and diseases. Though, some types of palm trees can handle cold temps better than others (Canary Island Date and Queen’s palms). When thinking about a specific species, check with the USDA’s Plant Hardiness Zone Map to decide the average minimum temperature or call a business that offers tree service in Tampa for assistance.

Tampa Tree Care Service Different Variety of Palm Trees

Green tropical leaves Monstera, palm, & fern

Four factors must be taken into consideration when selecting the right palm tree for your landscape. 

First Factor

The first factor is the tree’s size at maturity. Don’t forget: that little palm for sale at a Tampa nursery could grow to over 50 feet as an adult tree overtaking the rest of your landscape and disturbing underground conduits and overhead power lines. Be sure that the size of your palm at maturity is on the same page as your overall landscape design and needs or it will need to be pruned.

Second Factor

The second factor is temperature. Most palm tree types won’t endure freezing weather. Even a tiny amount of frost could weaken a tree and make it susceptible to disease and insects. In some areas, the temp is too harsh for thriving palm growth. Check with a Tampa tree specialist for advice if you’re not sure about the local growing conditions.

Third Factor

The third factor is sunlight. Not all palm tree types are equally sunned tolerant. Some varieties like the shade to complete exposure. Bear this in mind when contemplating the kind of palm tree that’s best suited for you.

Fourth Factor

The fourth factor is water. While palm trees have long been linked to the wild and the desert, they are located close to continuous and abundant supplies of water. If you are thinking about having a palm tree on your landscape, be sure that the tree will get enough water and be ready to water a newly planted tree often while it grows.