Your garage makes an ideal place to make your own bird feeder. Birds that flew south for the winter months are here once more. I like watching them form their nests in preparation for their new family members. One way to entice birds to your outdoor space is to make a bird feeder. A DIY feeder is a fun project and gives our feathered buddies some additional nutrition in the spring and summertime. A bird feeder can be built with cheap and simple materials. If you aren’t into DIY projects, you can buy a bird feeder at any tree care business in Tampa.


Ideas for DIY Bird Feeders


Pine Cone:

Tampa Tree Care Service DIY Bird Feeders

Making feeders for birds from seeds and fat

If you’re looking for an easy bird feeder, this might be the one for you. Get a couple of whole pine cones and attach a piece of twine to the top of each cone. Mix some bird seed and peanut butter. Spread the mixture over each pine cone. Lastly, hang up the pine cones. Pine cone bird feeders are well-liked in the winter with birds that are seeking food to nourish them in the wintertime.


Mason Jar:

The things needed for this bird feeder are bird seed, a little feeder for baby chicks, and a canning jar. Chick feeders can be purchased at a farm supply store, and mason jars can be bought at any craft store.


Plastic Bottle:

For this bird feeder type, you’ll need twine, bird seeds, a couple of wooden spoons, and a 20-ounce plastic bottle (with cap). After putting a hole in the top and lower sides of the bottle so the wooden spoon handle can be pushed through, fill the bottle with the bird seeds. Put the cap on the bottle and hang the bird feeder using the twine.


Tea Cup:

Create a bird feeder with an old teacup and saucer. The first thing to do is find two or three balusters from a staircase. Then, use wood glue or caulk to attach the dish to the baluster’s top. Next, glue a cup to each saucer. Press the baluster into the ground and fill the teacup with bird seed. That’s it!