Because of the climate, tree moss is very common. It’s not always essential to see tree moss as a problem with your trees in Tampa, but you should keep yourself knowledgeable when it comes to tree moss. Some folks like it, because it makes a fantastic look. But here are a few things to keep in mind about moss.


The Bad About Moss

One bad thing about tree moss, particularly huge amounts, is the weight it puts on your trees in Tampa. The heavier your trees are, the more likely they are to uprooting or tipping. Also, moss growth can instigate many diseases, especially if those trees are not used to warm, hot climates.

Tampa Tree Care Service Moss A Problem On Your Tree

An unhealthy amount of moss

During a windstorm, the more weight due to moss can make branches break off. Tree moss can vastly cover a tree, making it difficult to notice when there are indications of disease. With some diseases, if caught early, aren’t a huge issue. Tree moss muddles these matters, so you might have to have your tree inspected by a Tampa arborist.


Getting the Moss Gone

While using a power washer seems simple, it’s not the best way to eliminate tree moss. We recommend doing it by hand, and yes it can be very time-consuming. Power washers can destroy the sensitive leaf buds.

Also, you need to realize when the best time to remove tree moss. We recommend dormant season when the leafless limbs are much simpler to clean. You also run less chance of damaging your tree. You want to call your arborist with lots of advanced notice if you want him/her to do the work because requests will be very high during the quiet season.

Here it is:  if you have a tree moss problem and you aren’t sure how to manage it, contact a company for tree service in Tampa. It might cost you a little money, but it will remove any headaches that are caused by trying to do it yourself. Also, poor work can kill or harm your tree, which is the whole point of tree moss removal in the first place.