Over time, palms have grown to flourish in a particular soil type. When a palm is transported to a new place, the soil is never perfect. The make-up of urban soil, such as organic elements, moisture levels, and mineral content, is frequently different from where the palm tree grows naturally. Keep reading to find out about improving the soil around your palm trees.

As a property owner, it’s your job to have a more natural soil for your palm. The best way to do this is by adding mycorrhizal fungi.


MycorrhizaeTampa Tree Care Improve soil around palm tree

Mycorrhizae linger around the roots of most plants. In exchange for carbohydrates and sugars, the mycorrhizal fungus soaks up and pass on moisture and minerals required for the plant’s development. Over the years, plants have grown a symbiotic relationship with the fungus needed to assist them with conditions such as drought, periods of low soil fertility, and high humidity.

Mycorrhizal inhabits a plant’s roots, extending the root system more into the soil. By absorbing water and nutrients, passing it on the roots, these organisms are a critical link in the nutrient cycle of a plant.

In nature, mycorrhizal fungi are found on over 95% of plant species. However, in urban environments, the compacted, poor soil frequently lacks this vital fungus.


The soil your palm needs

Palm trees have developed a relationship with a mycorrhizal fungus. As palms are put in urban settings, though, the connection is usually broken, and palms are left to take care of themselves in aggressive conditions.  As a homeowner, the best impact you can make to the health of your palm tree is the addition of beneficial mycorrhizal fungus to the soil.

Palm trees flowing lazily in the wind. They are a tradition of coastal regions, and palms stretching over 45 feet tall can endure both salty conditions and winds every year with year.

Though palm trees necessitate specific water and soil conditions to stop stunting and disease. If your landscape has one variety of palm trees, you have to pay careful attention to your soil and watering habits for a healthy tree. Contact an arborist for more information about taking care of your palm tree.