Trees in Tampa are a cherished part of outdoor space. Not only for their natural splendor but also in aiding with energy conservation. Florida homeowners can get a significant amount of energy savings from using trees. Trees help energy use in the summer vs. winter.  

Trees put in the correct location in an outdoor space will give houses shade from the burning sun during the summer, and shield from cold winds in the wintertime. This will help decrease heating and cooling prices.

How certain tree types will perform these functions is contingent upon, the size of the tree, if the foliage stays on the tree all year long, the shade density, and the shape. Knowing which trees to use and where to put them in an outdoor area is the solution. The information below tells more about trees in the Florida landscape.Tampa Tree Care How Trees Help Energy Use


Florida Trees Types

Trees in Florida have various types of density, forms, size, and leaf persistence. Tree forms come in columnar, vase-shaped, oval, spreading, round, and spreading.

Tree sizes go from small, medium, and large. The growth rate of Florida trees is either slow, fast, or moderate. Both growth and size are contingent on the tree type.  Newly planted large trees can take several years to get to their full capacity.


Florida Trees Help With Energy Use

Big trees that are over 40 ft. deliver shade by creating shadows over the roof of a standard single-family home, shielding it from the sun. Massive trees must be at least 30 ft. away from residence to avoid destruction from falling branches during a severe storm.

Florida trees also offer shade for windows and the sidewalks. Little to medium-sized trees will work as well. Trees have to be put at least 7 ft. away from the house. These size trees grow quicker than big trees, delivering shade quicker.

The west and east walls of a house get the most heat during the hot days in the summertime. Tree shading should be increased on these sides of the house. Walls looking south will also require plenty of tree shade during the summertime. If you don’t have a green thumb, let a Tampa arborist plant your Florida shade tree correctly for you.