Tall, wooden, and near other structures, trees are a prime target for lightning. Considering that Florida is among the most struck locations in the world, every homeowner needs to lightning prevention methods. A tree doesn’t even need to be near something else to put it in harm’s way. The root system that extends underneath the ground allows electricity to flow several feet away from the initial strike.
Before the next violent summer storm, make sure your trees are ready for potential lightning. And for the best protection possible, you can call Tampa Tree Service for professional lightning prevention services!

Lightning Prevention Kits

If you’ve ever been to one of the many theme parks in our state, you’ve likely seen rows of tiny spires running across the rooftops of rides and buildings. That is your standard lightning prevention kit which doesn’t stop the bolt from striking but sends the power into the ground.
Unlike an erratic surge that hits a tree and spreads through the grass, these kits connect to your home’s metal utility components, like metal plumbing pipes, to ground the power surge. The same kits and individual parts can get purchased from a variety of different online retailers. Best of all, the instructions are likely easier to find than you’d expect!

Hire a Professional

Although you could technically install lightning kits as a Do It Yourself project, you’ll likely want to pay the extra money and have a licensed contractor handle it. There are many parts involved and lots of running up and down ladders. If you’re worried about finding someone qualified, it’s straightforward enough process. Underwriters Laboratory, the compliance company that reviews all safety specifications for consumer goods, has a list of certified service providers to install your set.

Watch for Roofers

A frequent need for most homeowners is getting a re-roof, or a secondary roof system installed directly onto the first. It’s a straightforward solution for extending its useful service life. However, if you already have a lightning kit installed onto your home, chances are the roofing company is going to try and just leave it unsecured. More than one homeowner has discovered the hard way that their installation didn’t include hooking it back up. If you are going to have roofing repairs, make sure that you discuss that upfront. Otherwise, your kit may merely remain decorative!

prevent lightning damage Tampa TreeWeigh the Costs

Lightning kit installations can run anywhere from $1,500 to several thousand dollars. Although that sounds high initially, it’s a real investment towards keeping your home safe. The alternative is potentially having your home catch fire or having all of your electronics getting fried. Even with surge protectors, lightning contains a ton of energy!

Crown Your Trees

Prevention should also include reducing the height of any tall trees. While you can’t predict where lightning will strike, taller targets are often the first. Crowning is an advanced tree-trimming technique that requires an expert’s touch. But crowning your trees will keep them healthy and safe! Contact Tampa Tree if you are considering getting your trees trimmed, we will be glad to provide an estimate and get your trees storm ready.