Keeping your lawn mowed and your landscape properly maintained might be fun, but it’s no easy task. Anyone who has spent a few hours in the heat struggling with trying to obtain that neat, clean look understands how difficult the work can be. Time is everything, so if you’re going to choose to mow your lawn, there are some trade secrets from the tree specialists on how to mow your yard so it looks professionally done. 

What most folks don’t know is that mowing is just part of the process and only one part involves the mower. Those steps are positioned around the tools of the trade which are the blower, the mower, and the weed whacker. Here are some helpful tips from experts on how to maintain your lawn like a pro.Tampa Tree Care Service Mow Your Yard It Looks Professional



Most specialists will agree that if you have to manage your lawn by yourself, then it’s best to begin with the mowing. Honestly, the type of mower you use makes all the difference. If you’re wondering if buying a high-end mower will balance out the increased costs you can be confident that it does. A more powerful mower with a big deck makes it simpler to get your lawn cut. Most folks begin with the front, go to the back and then spot check on the way out for any missed areas. You should cut your grass on a weekly schedule.


Weed Whacking

After the lawn is cut, it’s time for the detail work. Weed whacking is the next part of the process. 

The idea behind the weed whacking is to get all the places that your mower couldn’t get to. The most efficient way of doing this is to trail the outlines of your home, decorations, lawn, and beds. This guarantees that you level the height with rest of your cut. Sometimes going a little lower around the edges pop them out visually.



When everything is trimmed and cut to a good height, it’s cleanup time!

Hand blowers or backpack blowers are your best choices here. Like with mowers, the more you invest in a blower, the less cleanup time you’ll have. The goal here is to blow off debris and clippings from all the hard surfaces. Once you’ve cleared the clippings and whatever with a blower, you can sit back and relax in your freshly manicured lawn.