If you have a cherry tree, you realize how gorgeous it can appear to onlookers and how hard it can be to maintain your cherry treeCherry trees are finicky foliage, particularly those that grow in areas with little rainfall. It’s not a good idea to prune cherry trees in the winter time because the bare wood might not live through a thick frost.

Have the Correct Equipment to Prune a Cherry Tree

The first part of a pruning job is the same as any other maintenance work. You have to have the correct equipment to do the job. To keep the pruned branches healthy, you’ll need rubbing alcohol to eliminate the germs and a pruning paste to aid in the healing process. You also need to have a ladder, a pair of shoes with a good sole, gloves for outdoor work, and a solid pair of shears.

Tampa Tree Care Service Maintain a Cherry Tree

Ripe and juicy sweet Red Cherries

Pinpoint the Dead Limbs

The main point of pruning is to get rid of dying or dead limbs that can contaminate the whole tree. Recognizing the dead limbs is simple. Any that don’t bud in the spring and flourish in the summer is gone and must be pruned. Also, pull out any remaining dead fruit or leaves from the branches, so pests and bugs don’t have a new place to live. 

Chopping Away

You must keep your pruning shears clean with disinfectant so that no debris or dirt gets under the bark. Slice into the branches at an angle, about a third of a centimeter over any buds.  When you prune a cherry tree, you want it to keep its vase-like shape. This shape eliminates any branches that fork off at odd angles or stick out under the main limbs. Close any open wood with pruning paste. 


Get rid of any seedlings that sprout at the base of the tree. All seedlings you desire to keep must be transported around 20 feet away from the tree so that both receive plenty of resources. If you own a wood chipper, you can mulch the old limbs. Maintaining your cherry tree is easy if you plan. When you need assistance with any tree on your property, Tampa arborists provide help with care, planting, pruning, and care.