If you can’t begin your day without a glass of orange juice, you aren’t alone. Oranges come in many forms and are the most sought-after fruits around the globe. There are several types of oranges. How many types of orange trees are there? Let’s find out.


Orange Varieties

The sweet orange isn’t found in the wild. It is a hybrid, though of which two types there is much speculation. Most sources seem to think it’s a union between the pomelo and the mandarin. Also, there is confusion that surrounds the origin of cultivation. But, it’s assumed to have first grown in Asia, India, and China.


Types of Oranges

There are two fundamental categories of orange: the bitter orange and the sweet orange.


Sweet Orange Varieties

Sweet orange is separated into four classes, each one with distinct features:

Tampa Tree Care Types of Orange Trees in Florida

Common orange – There are numerous varieties of common orange, and it’s vastly grown. The most familiar varieties of common oranges are hart’s Tardiff Valencia, Hamlin, and Valencia. Though there are several other types.

Pigmented or blood orange – The blood orange consists of two types: the deep blood orange and the light blood orange. Blood oranges are an organic mutation of C. High amounts of anthocyanin give the fruit its great red hue. Varieties of oranges in the blood orange category include Moro, Maltese, Tarocco, and Scarlet Navel.

Navel orange – The navel orange is the most significant commercial import. We know it as the most popular orange sold. Of navel oranges, the most common types are dream navel, California Navel, Late navel, Cara Cara, Bahia, and Washington.

Acid-less orange – These oranges, also known as sweet oranges, have a little acid and a little flavor. Acid-less oranges are referred to as early season fruit. The small number of acid safeguards against spoilage, making them unsuitable for juicing.


Bitter Orange Varieties

Of the bitter oranges, there are C. Aurantium, Seville orange, and Bergamot orange.   

Trifoliate orange – Trifoliate works as rootstock for sweet oranges. Trifoliate oranges carry downy fruit and are used to make jam. They are native to Korea and China.

Wow! As you can see, there are a host of oranges out there. There has to be an orange type just for you. If you want more information on the various types of orange trees in Tampa, call your local tree specialist.