While heavy rainfall is a blessed relief for landscapes in the hot Tampa area, it could be too good. A lot of rain can create problems for mature and young trees. 


Heavy Rainfall Causes Tree Stress

Trees breathe through their roots, meaning they release carbon dioxide and intake oxygen via air pockets in the soil. When soil is soaked, and the spaces become filled with water, this process is restricted, which could create stress for the tree. There’s not anything you can do regarding stagnant water affecting trees after heavy rainfall.

However, there are a few things you can do to get in front of the situation:Tampa Tree Care How Heavy Rainfall Affects Trees

  • You could put on a thick layer of mulch around the drip line of the tree.
  • Give the tree a long soak later in the season when there hasn’t been any rainfall for some time, and the weather is scorching hot. 
  • Cut off your sprinklers during times when it has rained, allowing the soil to dry out. If the soil is damp, the grass doesn’t need any more water. Your water bill decreases.
  • Do not use fertilizer when your tree is stressed unless a soil test detects a mineral deficiency. Unnecessary fertilization incites growth. As a result, a tree has to use energy to support, additionally stressing an even now fragile tree.

Many tree types can endure brief periods of flooded soil conditions when they have an opportunity to dry out and recuperate.



Another symptom of waterlogged soil conditions appears in the leaves. Foliage might begin to turn yellow and drop off. If the soil dries out, trees will typically put out a fresh flush of foliage growth. However, long-drawn-out defoliation causes tree stress.


Other Foliage Issues

Cool, sticky conditions are ideal for fungal diseases to develop. You usually see powdery and spot mildew with heavy rain. If a tree defoliates, it will create new foliage. It’s an excellent idea to go outside and examine your trees after severe weather to ensure there are no problems.

Taking steps to sustain tree health during the year might also possibly diminish the adverse effects suffered from saturated soil conditions. Call us at Tampa Tree Service to explore your options.