Hurricanes are a part of residing in Florida. Grooming your outdoor space for it is critical for damage reduction and safety. Storms of recent years have been swift to form and have increased in violence.


How to Prep Your Lawn for a Hurricane 

With less time to prepare and stronger storms, it has never been more crucial to have solid-working know how of storm prep for lawns. Accurate storm preparations can save you hundreds of dollars in damages and reduce recovery time.  Lawn prep for hurricanes comes down to managing all aspects of your lawn including grass, flowers, ornaments, trees, bushes, and beds.Tampa Tree Care Service Prepare For A Hurricane

Strong winds are one of the main dangers that you need to be ready for. The first thing you must do is make sure there are no big loose objects anywhere, including anything that isn’t nailed to the ground. Move loose items into the house or your garage. 

You’ll want to take inside things such as hanging feeders, decorative baths and furniture, ornaments, playhouses, and dog houses. Sometimes the things we see every day can blend into the landscape and we tend to no remember how unsecured some of these things are for their size. Be sure to check and double-check everything. It only takes a tiny stone to create damage.


Changes to Your Outdoor Space

When all is hidden away and secured, you have to make some changes to the flora around your yard. The grass must be mowed and cut lower than usual. The shorter grass is more straightforward to rake and see debris in. It could be a while until lawn mowing isn’t a priority. 

Be sure that all the tree limbs are trimmed back with all dead limbs gone. This is particularly true for the trees around your house. Make sure your pine trees don’t have any thick, loose limbs. Keep palm trees far away from seed banks. If you need your tree limbs trimmed, contact a local business that offers tree trimming service.

Flowers must be transplanted when possible. Also, shrubs and bushes must be pruned more than usual to halt damage as well as to stop them from catching the wind and possibly uprooting them.