Florida-Friendly Landscape

You don’t have to be a professional tree care provider to create amazing Florida yards. All it takes is an eagerness to learn and a yearning to build a fabulous outdoor space that helps safeguard Florida’s environment.

Florida-friendly landscapes shields Florida’s distinct natural resources by lessening pollution and waste, preserving water, stopping erosion, and making wildlife habitat. Any yard can be Florida-friendly if it is crafted and cared for based on the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Principles.  

In 2009, the Florida Legislature discovered that the use of Florida-friendly landscaping principles serves the public interest. They also noticed that the involvement of the neighborhood homeowners’ associations and local governments is vital to the state’s efforts in water quality protection, water restoration, and water conservation.

Florida Yards and Neighborhoods is the residential program of the Florida Friendly Landscaping Program. Property owners are encouraged to make their landscape a Florida-friendly landscape. They are encouraged to aid in creating a more sustainable Florida. Contact Tampa Tree Service for landscape and yard suggestions.Tampa Tree Care Florida Yards Program

A Florida yard is an approach that sees the residential landscape as part of a bigger natural system. Crafting a Florida yard doesn’t mean crafting a wild-looking outdoor space. However, it does mean crafting a landscape that is more eco-green sustainable. If planned, installed and maintained correctly, a Florida yard will be environmentally friendly and attractive, protecting the natural resources.

An aesthetically appealing Florida-friendly yard starts with excellent design decisions according to wants and needs as well as a healthy environment. It doesn’t matter if you are working with a small budget or hire a professional landscaper. Knowing a few fundamental concepts can aid you in making environmentally correct decisions and sidestep trouble later.


(FYN) The Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Homeowner Program

The protection and conservation of Florida’s water resources begins at your house. A homeowner’s landscaping decisions can influence the health of surface waters, the ground and the environment.

The Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Homeowner program schools property owners on a variety of topics. These include how to create, install, and sustain healthy landscapes that use a small amount of fertilizer, pesticides, and water. The result is a beautiful, low-maintenance, affordable landscape that brings value to your neighborhood and reduces the odds of contaminating the water supply.