It’s almost winter time, even though we have had mild weather lately. While some Tampa winter days are warm, others can deliver frost and cold winds. These conditions present many challenges for the gardener. However, there are things you can do to get your garden ready for the wintertime. Mild winter gardens still need care.


Lawn and Landscape Plants

Lawn and landscape plants are dormant during the winter, requiring little irrigation. Watering every two weeks is sufficient for most of the landscape in winter gardens. However, watch for signs of drought stress. Put your irrigation timer on manual and water only when necessary.Tampa Tree Care Mild Winter Gardens

January is the best time to trim non-spring flowering trees and shrubs for structure. Proper tree trimming services are vital to halting future damage to your trees and your property.


Winter Garden Care

A garden job for the winter could be cold protection. Freezes and frosts usually happen in January and February. Yards have microclimates, meaning spaces that are wetter or drier or warmer or colder than the rest of your outdoor area. Understanding your microclimates will aid you in picking the best place to plant.

Avoid placing plants that are sensitive to the cold in spots where winter remains and arrange barriers, fences, and plantings to safeguard these sensitive plants from harsh winds. Healthy plants in the correct location will endure any condition better. Therefore, make sure you’re fertilizing, watering, and caring for plants accurately.

In the event of a frost, you might need to cover sensitive plants. Covering plants will safeguard them more from frost than harsh cold. Covers must go all the way to the bottom of the plant without it. Quilts, plastic, commercial frost cloths, or cloth sheets all make excellent covers. Remove them on sunny days, so your plants don’t overheat.

After the freeze is over, you will need to observe for signs of cold damage on your plants, which might show up right after or several months later. Dead leaves that have changed to brown can be taken off. 

You should wait for new growth to form before doing any serious trimming. Hire Tampa Tree Service to do your tree trimming to make sure you don’t trim away anything you shouldn’t.