When you’re sprucing up your property in the springtime, usually your first inclination for your landscape is to add a new tree. These additions to your outdoor space can do miracles for curb appeal, making your house look better, and reducing energy usage if they deliver shade. Though, they can also sometimes be a hazard you’d never expect, especially for your plumbing. Several plants typically are more of a danger than other plants to your plumbing such as your sewer line, so be cautious! Don’t plant these trees near septic systems!


Trees You Should Not Plant Near Your Septic System


Ivy is well-liked for ground cover for the very reason that it can be lethal to pipes: it is one of the quickest-growing plants on earth. It rapidly climbs pipes and works its way into any gap. The root system is thick and complex. Ivy can become a pipe’s obstacle very fast.


Tampa Tree Care Willow Tree near Septic

Willow Tree

Oak trees develop very slowly, but they have mighty roots. Their roots can, without difficulty, damage pipes. However, they grow so slow that the issue is a gradual one. By the time the problem is noticeable, underground destruction is usually catastrophic. If you want oak trees in your landscape, keep them very, very far away from your underground plumbing. It’s best to get an arborist who can plant your oak tree in the right spot.


When you envision a willow tree, it’s typically by a stream or pond. The reason for this is that willows necessitate lots of water. Their roots actively search for it. As the willow tree grows, it requires even more water and willows grow very big. Similar to the oak tree, the roots are quite strong. All this means is that a willow’s roots will grow in the direction of your pipes and destroy them to get to the water inside.


Holly is a familiar landscape choice since it’s gorgeous any time of the year. Usually, it’s planted close to foundations. This positioning is where the problem arises. Holly is a sturdy, durable, bush that thrives all year long including in the wintertime. The roots can fast become an issue for pipes. They get into cracks in the sewer system and piping, creating clogs. If you desire to plant holly, be sure it’s kept far away from your plumbing.