The distinctive bird of paradise plant is one of the most famous of all tropical flowers. The bird of paradise is also easier to grow than most tropical plants. The plant is a rapidly growing, vigorous indoor plant. It can be transported outside in the summer.

In warmer climates, it can grow for six months outside. Bird of paradise usually flowers in the early spring or late summer. Under ideal conditions, it grows any time of the year. Talk with a local arborist to find out which bird of paradise plant will work best for your outdoor space.


Bird of Paradise Plant VarietiesTampa Tree Care Caring for Bird of Paradise Plant

There are five types, but only two are grown as indoor plants: Nicolai (the white bird of paradise) and Reginae (the orange bird of paradise). These plants develop with upright leaves coming directly from the soil. These plants don’t have trunks. The big leaves grow up to 18 inches long and can shred when open to windy conditions or when touched in a hectic hallway.


Growing Tips

Nicolai and Reginae are incredible plants that can be effectively grown inside. The most significant disadvantages are their size. They flourish up to 6 feet tall. The fact that the plants need at least five years before they thrive.

The trick to successful growth indoors is giving your bird of paradise plants plenty of warmth, direct sunlight, and regular waterings. Use compost early in spring before new growth starts and then fertilize every seven days during the growing season. For the best chance of survival, put the plant in a pot that can be transported outside in summer months and then brought back in for winter.


Growing Conditions

Pay attention to the basic to keep your bird of paradise plant in its best health.

Light: This plant requires bright light, including direct sunlight, to flourish excellently. Though, it needs sheltering in the direct summer sun, which burns the leaves. An excellent place to put your plant is in a room with windows facing west or east. Avoid rooms with a window that faces north.

Water: Keep the soil moist throughout the year. You don’t want it to be overwatered though you can expect to water it every day in the summer and spring and summer. Bird of paradise-like high humidity, so you should keep a spray bottle handy to mist it if the room is dry.

Temperature: Keep the temp over 60 degrees F in the winter. This isn’t a cold-tolerant plant, recovering gradually from frost damage.