Fruit trees are precious to home gardeners who not only like to save money by growing more of their food but who also want to enjoy much more fruit varieties that are usually found at the store.

By harvesting your ripe fruit, you can take pleasure in the real flavor that only freshly grown fruit from your trees can provide. Commercially produced fruit is typically picked long before it is ready so that it appears ripe by the time it gets to the grocery store. Sadly, this means that the fruit is missing nutrients and flavor.

Once you have chosen which fruit tree you would like to grow and decide that there’s enough space and sun, the next step is to pick varieties that are appropriate for your situation. Be sure to research to choose the one that is best for your soil and climate.

Tampa Tree Service Planting Caring for Fruit Trees

Caring for a New Fruit Tree Guidelines

The point is to choose selections that are suitable for Tampa’s climate to increase your success.

Once your fruit trees are planted, there will be some upkeep required. The amount will depend on what fruit tree type you have planted. Of course, watering will be the most crucial task. Mulching will aid to keep soil moisture and lessen water needs. Fertilizing with a high-quality organic fruit tree food is also suggested. Follow the instructions you received with the tree for the best results. Most fruit trees will need some trimming if to get rid of any damaged or dead wood. Contact a Tampa arborist if you have any questions.

Other activities include pest, disease, and insect control. You can spray to regulate it during the dormant season. Pears and apples are prone to a bacterial infection (fireblight) and a pesky insect (coddling moth) that is the reason for worms inside the fruit.

Another activity is fruit thinning, which is the elimination of some of the fruit so that what stays will grow an appropriate size. Some apples and peaches do need thinning for the perfect size. If you need help in planting and caring for your fruit tree, ask a tree specialist in Tampa for assistance.