Watching a tree grow is enchanting. Every day, it slowly grows. The next thing you know, it is an 80 foot, full-grown tree with an extensive canopy. But what if your tree is becoming a wee bit too tall for your comfort? Maybe those long limbs are spreading out toward a power line, or you can’t reach your fresh fruits.

Regardless of the case, cultivating a tree that you want to stay small takes some patience and planning.

Big Oak Tree in Tampa

Big oak tree grows freely

Can I control how tall my tree grows?

Pruning to reduce tree height is doable, but it will be a fight. The best way to manage this problem is to avoid it entirely by planting the correct tree in the exact spot. Examine a tree’s full height and be sure you have enough room prior to planting.


Can you keep trees small by pruning it, so it stays little?

Tampa Tree Care Service Can I Control How Tall My Tree Grows

Keeping a tree small for the front yard

Correct pruning is the best way to sustain a perfect tree height and maintain your tree’s structure intact. It’s best to begin this process when your tree is just planted (young). Don’t fret if your tree is way past its prime. Mature trees can be trimmed down to an ideal height over a couple of years. It’s important to keep in mind that as a tree ages, it has less energy to recoup from a major pruning; doing so brings on severe consequences.

Whatever you do, don’t cut the top of the tree to keep it small. The branches will grow back quickly. However, they will be weaker. You can discuss with a Tampa tree care professional if it is best to reduce the height of your tree or plant a smaller one.


Can you stop a tree from growing taller or limit it’s height?

You can’t stop a tree from growing, but you can limit its height if you do it the right way. As a basic rule, you don’t want to take off more than ¼ of the tree’s living canopy at one time. If you do, your tree might not have enough energy to create the food it requires. That could lead to a tree that is struggling or one that won’t survive.