One of the more frustrating aspects of home landscaping chores is trying to eliminate all of the fallen leaves that get scattered across your yard. Although it isn’t a challenging process to rake them all up, it’s a time-consuming process. Because we’re all looking for ways to maximize our weekends, it helps to know a few tricks to get through raking quickly. And if you prefer just to hire your yard out, Tampa Tree Service will gladly provide you with a quote! You’ll find that you don’t have to throw leaves away. In fact, you just may see a technique that you prefer instead!

Use a Tarp

Using a tarp in the middle of your yard can make leaf pickups quicker. Rather than fight against your grass, tree roots, and other interruptions, pilling it all onto a tarp makes hauling it away simple. The tarp creates a flat, even surface for you to pile leaves onto without getting caught on other things. And best of all, once it’s full, you can pull the corners together and quickly move it to the curb! However, if you have many fallen leaves, you may not have enough tarp to do this. It may require several loads, or using the tarp to fill cans and repeat the process.

Buy a Different Rake

If you think that the only rakes available are ones that can only handle a small patch of grass at a time, or if continually shish kabobs leaves, then you may need a different store to shop instead. There are a variety of different rakes, some of which are expressly for handling leaves.
Some rakes are coated in rubber or plastic, while others offer a broader fan of prongs. If you dread pulling out your leaf rake, you just might not have found the right one yet! You may need to locate a sales associate to discuss your options. The best rake is often not one that you had initially considered.

Use a Leaf Blower

For those who need to get through their leaves as quickly as possible, you’ll likely prefer to use a leaf blower. Unfortunately, some models leave behind a substantial carbon footprint. Luckily, there are leaf blowers that use a rechargeable battery pack or even use an extension cord. Although the corded units aren’t as convenient, they do last longer than the batteries will. A leaf blower can make quick work of your coated lawns, however, and should be a consideration. Most leaf blowers are relatively inexpensive, too, as far as potential yard maintenance tools go.

Just Mow Them

If you’ve just had it with picking up leaves, then you’re going to love this next suggestion. Just pile up leaves and carefully use your lawn mower to chop them up. Mowing over piles of leaves is a quick way to create mulch. And you may not even need to spread it out if you can evenly distribute the leaves throughout your yard before cutting.