Southern Florida has a unique climate that allows it to grow particular plants. Because it’s a mostly tropic climate with hot, humid weather and plenty of rain, it shares some similarities to islands like Hawaii. As a result, you’ll notice that the native plant species are tall, thick, and vibrant. But what about when you need to plant new flowers and trees in your backyard?

Below are some common species that you’ll find throughout the Tampa area. And if you need help planting your new trees, you can always call Tampa Tree Service for the best assistance around!

Flatwoods Plum

The Flatwoods Plum tree is also native to Virginia and Texas, making it a real coastal southern staple. However, it’s easy to confuse these trees with the Florida Sand Plum. Flatwoods Plum produces smaller fruit compared to other plum tree varieties. Another interesting thing to note is that they have some of the latest blooming seasons, with fruits hitting maturity in late summer/early fall. These trees are common because they usually top out at around 20 feet tall. They are also a thinner tree, allowing several to get planted in an unoccupied area of the yard.

Myrtle Oak

The Myrtle Oak is another tree species found throughout the southern United States. It grows well in sandy soils, making it an ideal choice for living near the coastline. Unlike other oaks which become massive, Myrtle Oaks don’t get much taller than about 40 ft. But even that is a substantial height for a plant! Myrtle Oaks is also a relatively painless plant to have around.

Their branches don’t have thorns, and their leaves are softer and smoother than most other leave types. If you have children living at home, this is an excellent choice for a softer, safer backyard. Otherwise, they’re just lovely to look at!

Simpson’s Stopper

The Simpson’s Stopper, or Twinberry, as it’s also called, is really a type of shrub. However, it quickly fills out, making it comparable to a tree when in your yard. This species is a type of honeysuckle plant, and it seems to love the Southern Florida environment. Not only is it cold resistant, but it’s salt resistant, and pollution typically doesn’t harm it either. These factors make a hearty plant that takes off, making it ideal for privacy needs. And best of all, birds love the tiny fruit it produces!

Walter’s Viburnum

Walter’s Viburnum, also known as Withlacoochee, is native to the state of Florida. And like many things found in our region, it’s a fascinating species. This plant is both a shrub and a small tree, making it a versatile addition to nearly any yard.

Although it can reach 30 feet in height, it’s likely only to hit about half of that in your yard. Most people love these plants because their flowers and their younger branches are fuzzy in appearance. It can create a whimsical hedge, increase privacy, and is versatile for creating topiary trimmings.