Trees have various types of growth habits. We realize that Doug-Firs have a sturdy central leader. Elms don’t, and Prairie fire Crabapples only reach around 20 feet. Understanding these things, trees under power lines is something that won’t happen. They won’t need to be trimmed by a Tampa arborist.

I don’t know of many folks who like to look at wires in the sky, so picking a low-growing tree to thrive beneath the primary lines can be a great way to screen these lines from eye level. And if the lines aren’t main power lines, a tall-growing tree could be the most efficient.

Tampa Tree Planting New Power Lines

Power Lines and Tree Limbs

Power lines and tree limbs aren’t good neighbors, mainly when storms deliver high winds, ice, or lighting. Branches that touch power lines might cause power outages. A company that offers tree trimming services can frequently trim trees to help stop power outages from happening during severe weather.

You can lessen the need to trim trees by choosing the right tree to plant under power lines. Putting low-growing trees (under 25 feet) near power lines helps prettify your yard and stop future service issues.

When you’re about to plant a tree, plan carefully. Be mindful of power lines and think about the final height of the tree when it’s completely grown. Over-height trees trigger the majority of outages. Toppling trees and falling branches can down power lines, causing severe safety hazards and power outages.


Fire & Electrical Hazards

Trees near power lines instigate fires and are hazardous to anyone in contact with the tree on the ground. Trees don’t need actually to touch an energized power line to be lethal. Electricity can go from the power line to adjacent trees with the right conditions, like a voltage surge on the line from a lightning strike. This electric current can kill anybody caught near the tree and can create a fire.

To avoid the dangers of planting the right tree in your outdoor space, especially if there is a power line nearby, call a Tampa tree service professional to handle the job for you. This keeps you safe and secure.