A mangrove forest blooms close to the mouths of huge rivers where river deltas offer plenty of mud and sand. Mangrove roots amass sediments and reduce the water’s flow. This helps to stop erosion and safeguard the coast.  Over time, the roots amass a big amount debris and mud to expand the edge of the coastline more outward.

Mangrove forests brim with life. The mangroves are home to fishing cats, shorebirds, and crab-eating monkeys. Mangroves offer a nursery and safe haven for a host of birds, fish, shellfish, and crustaceans.


Mangrove Trees

A mangrove tree is a tropical maritime shrub or tree with distinct salt-filtering tap roots and aerial roots that allow them to grow in brackish water.Tampa Tree Care The Mangrove Forest

There are many types of mangrove trees found all over the globe. Some like more salinity, while others want to be near a big fresh water source like a river. Some trees like spots that are shielded from waves.

Some types like their roots enclosed with sea water each day during high tide. Others are sensitive to salinity and flourish closer to the shore. Other types grow on dry land but are still part of the ecosystem. Tampa Tree can provide a visit with a local arborist to provide more information.

Mangrove trees have to have their leaves over the water line. Yet, they also have to be tightly attached to the dirt to make sure they don’t shift with the waves.


Where Are Mangroves Found?

There are over 15 million square miles of forests filled with mangroves in the balmy ocean waters oceans all around the earth. Beside the Atlantic coast, they are seen from Florida to Argentina. These trees grow in Africa on the eastern and western coasts. Mangrove forests are also common in Australia and New Zealand.


Saving the Mangroves

For years, mangrove areas have been used for human settlements, mining, harbor development, and timber. Shrimp farming in the 70’s and 80’s was very common. However, shrimp farming using mangrove areas is verified to be unsustainable.

Many governments understand how critical mangroves really are to the whole environment and have implemented mangrove conservation and restoration programs. Firm legislation to safeguard mangroves is in place in several countries.