In the springtime, you’re most likely want to aerate your lawn to make sure it grows healthy and stays in stable condition. Do you realize that you should also be aerating around your trees? Aerating around your trees will guarantee that all the critical spring nutrients get to the roots of your trees and aid in healthy spring growth. Aerating the soil around your trees is so worth it.


Trees With Room to Grow

Even if your trees were planted with precision, they could almost certainly still use some extra aeration in the spring. Throughout the seasons and years, the nutrient-rich soil around your trees will compress and settle. If you don’t aerate your trees, the soil surrounding them might be genuinely harming them instead of aiding them. As the area in the soil dries up, your tree roots will have trouble growing and spreading. Not enough root space can lead to stress and become fatal.


Aerating Your TreesTampa Tree Care Aerating Around Your Trees

Aerating your trees will ruffle up the soil surrounding the base and add space and air into the space around them. You can use a spade or shovel turn the soil (by hand) around every one of your trees. However, you then run the risk of damaging roots. Instead, choose to get a professional tree care company to do the aerating for you.

The specialist will use pro-quality aeration equipment to add air into the soil surrounding your trees. These tools shoot air into the soil to put in more space for the roots to develop, remove compacted areas, and tear up clumps.

Also, the aerating job can reveal possible weaknesses in the roots so that issues can be handled before affecting the whole tree.


Aerating Your Trees Help Breathing

Aerating your trees help them breathe, and this is where hiring a tree specialist comes in.

This expert possesses the professionalism and skills to manage aeration and other types of tree care, including tree trimming and dead tree removal. Most tree care companies also have a certified arborist on call. To find out how these individuals can help your trees, regardless if your trees are healthy and plan or strange and exotic, give one a call.